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The Happening

Hmmm…. so so…. M. Night Shyamalan will sunk if he keep make movie like this..


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This series is good.. but i kind of skeptic if this continue to season 2 and counting it will be like LOST.. full of mistery but never ending.. hahaha.. hope it can keep the tense..


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Cool… bend bullet.. 😀


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Snow In August

This is Korean drama.. this is sad drama.. its very sad when she lost her son, but after that, the acting is very bored.. she keep avoiding him and always.. sigh..


Title: 8월에 내리는 눈 / Snow in August
Also known as: Snow / Snow that Falls in August
Previously known as: Unacceptable Love
Chinese title : 八月下的雪
Genre: Romance
Episode : 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-15 to 2007-Aug-17
Air time: Fridays 20:55


Jo Dong Hyuk will be playing a 27 year old single with a six year old son who falls for Choo Sang Mi, a thirty-three year old divorcee. Her husband cheated on her and she suffers from the pain of losing their son in a car accident 3 years ago. This drama is about how the two meet and through a child they heal each other wounds.


Jo Dong Hyuk
Choo Sang Mi
Park Tam Hee

Extended Cast

Yoo Tae Joon
Choi Joon Yong

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Kamen Rider Ryuuki

Hmm.. interested.. not as usual kamen rider..


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Pure Voice J-COVER [2008.01.16]

This is easy listening japanese song.. very jazzy.. nice..


Tracklist :

1. You were mine/ 一十三十一
2. DIAMONDS/ 名嘉真祈子
3. 想い出がいっぱい/ Chocolat & Akito
4. 彼女とTIP ON DUO/ 櫛引彩香
5. やさしさにさよなら/ chiiko
6. タンデライオン~遅咲きのタンポポ/ bice
7. 待つわ/ Chocolat
8. 彼と彼女のソネット *studio session/ 一十三十一
9. between the word&the heart-言葉と心-/ アイコ
10. そして僕は途方に暮れる/ 櫛引彩香
11. 悲しいくらいほんとの話/ bice

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pass: pananobuo

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Pria Bahagia, Pilih Ber-Internet atau Bercinta?

Dari detikinet… hmmmm… parah juga ya..


Jakarta – Mana yang bisa lebih membahagiakan pria, ber-Internet atau bercinta? Ternyata, pria lebih doyan disuguhi Internet ketimbang harus bercinta dengan pasangannya! Hal tersebut tercermin dalam sebuah hasil penelitian yang baru saja diluncurkan di Australia, bertajuk Indeks Kebahagiaan Warga Australia 2008.

Penelitian tersebut melibatkan sekitar 8500 warga Australia berusia antara 18 hingga 64 tahun, dengan variasi jenis kelamin yang berimbang. Bercinta, ternyata hanya pada urutan ke-5 sebagai hal yang membahagiakan pria. Sedangkan ber-Internet, menduduki posisi ke-3. Demikian kutip detikINET dari situs, Sabtu (4/10/2008).

Bagaimana dengan perempuan? Perempuan tampaknya lebih bisa bahagia apabila dia berkesempatan membaca buku yang bagus ataupun bermain dengan binatang peliharannya. Pelarian lantaran pasangan prianya lebih milih ber-Internet?

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Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull

Hmm.. this movie is not really bad…. but i still confused why spielberg so interested in everything about alien.. hehehe


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Kamen Rider Black RX

Fiuh.. nostalgic tokausatsu.. hehehe.. henshin..


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Shia La Beaof (did I spell correct? ) is in action.. he is very fit in character that panicly like in this movie and transformer indeed.. anyway this movie is thrilling but not so thrilled..


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