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Think Beyond, Think Differently..


Tragedi romantis emang menjual.. atonement ini ceritanya adik yang kecewa karena ditolak pacar kakanya, jadi dia memfitnah pacar kakaknya sampai masuk penjara… cerita punya cerita sang pacar kakak itu ikut perang, jadi sebelum sempat balik ke si pacar, dia malah mati duluan.. tragisnya sang kakak juga mati sebelum sempat ketemu..

Cerita jujur si adik baru terungkap lewat buku Atonement.. jadi kebenaran sesungguhnya baru terungkap setelah kematian… hmmm.. happy ending or sad ending… eniwei this is a good movie for tragedy romantic lover.. hehehe 😀



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This movie is like “Mel Gibson – Ransom”.. easy to watch while enjoying snack.. hehehe..


If you want to download this movie download kidnapped season 1

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Hmmm.. i watch this movie because :

1. Andy Lau

2. Similar to Infernal Affairs

Overall this is good.. compare to Infernal Affairs, it more give a perspective from a junkie and why should people not use drugs..


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The Dating Game

The Dating Game  (by : Dan Savage)


When it comes to love, everyone agrees that “playing games” is bad. Yet we all play them.

Let’s say Kevin just started dating Karen. Kevin has to call frequently enough early in the relationship to communicate interest, but not so much that he communicates “stalker with boundary issues.” What’s the right number of times for Kevin to call?

There’s no set number. One person’s “too frequent” is another’s “thoughtless neglect.” It all depends on how often Karen believes she should hear from a guy that’s interested in her. But the rules of the game state that she can’t tell Kevin. That would be cheating. Kevin has to guess.

Once things are clicking, Karen has to be careful not to say those three magic little words too soon. She’s got to stifle that first impulse to say “I love you,” however sincerely felt, however mutual she suspects (or hopes) the sentiment might be, until an appropriate amount of time has passed. Because although Kevin, like everyone else, wants to feel absolutely irresistible, he doesn’t want to feel rushed into making a commitment. So what’s the right time for Karen to say “I love you”? Sorry, that information is classified. She has to guess.

Depending on where Kevin and Karen fall on the no sex before marriage/three sex acts before the salad course continuum, they could well be having sex before saying “I love you” becomes an issue. But whenever they decide to become intimate–on their first date or on their second honeymoon–they both have to be able to decode and send elaborate, unspoken, Kabuki-esque signals about when, where and how to initiate sex. Fail to accurately decode and send the right signals and they risk rejection at best, arrest and prosecution at worst.

Oh, and just to make matters a little more complicated: People’s sexual signals are like snowflakes–no two are alike. So whatever Kevin or Karen think they learned about sexual signals from previous partners does not necessarily apply.

We all play these games. Yet if you spend a few hours–preferably billable ones–surfing through Internet personals or reading a day’s worth of my e-mail at “Savage Love,” my syndicated sex-advice column, you’ll find at least two condemnations of “game-playing” for every endorsement of long walks on the beach.

But game playing, like hypocrisy, is one of those things people only think they’re against. In reality, we all do it. And our success in love and romance largely depends on how well we do it.

What’s more, we look for skillful game playing in our potential partners the same way employers look for college degrees in prospective hires. Most people don’t wind up working in a field related to their major. Unless you work in a highly technical field, employers typically don’t care if you took “Underwater Ceramics” or “Queer Theory and its Relevance to the Hedge Fund Market” or how good your grades actually were or how many months you spent in a nearly catatonic state (provided you didn’t plaster evidence of your youthful experiments with drugs and alcohol all over Facebook). They just want to see your degree.

Why? Because it proves that you can play the game. It’s not so much what you studied in college that matters to potential employers, but that you got through it. A degree proves you can navigate a complex bureaucracy, knuckle under and get your work done (or fake it well enough) and achieve distant, even abstract, goals. What you earned your degree in isn’t as important as what it signifies: You successfully negotiated the college experience, which requires emotional resilience (college is hard!) and intellectual capabilities (college is hard!).

Relationships are hard too, but the ability to successfully negotiate one requires a different set of emotional and intellectual skills. And how do we demonstrate those skills? By playing games. Just as your college degree tells potential employers what they need to know, your ability to successfully play romantic games tells your potential mates what they need to know.

Assessed on their individual merits, the games we play when we’re dating can seem about as silly as Underwater Ceramics or Queer Theory. But they’re important nonetheless. As proof of just how important, consider how many times you’ve listened to a loving, long-term couple fondly recall the games they played during their courtship. The hoops they forced each other to jump through, the mistakes they made, the care with which they weighed and assessed each romantic gesture.

The ability to successfully play the game–to call just enough to communicate interest, not desperation; to hold strong emotions in check until both partners are ready to acknowledge them; to read someone’s body language and accurately assess their feelings, needs and desires–demonstrates the kind of emotional skill and dexterity that a romantic relationship requires to thrive. And not just at the outset, but over the long haul.

When someone successfully plays romantic games at the beginning of a relationship, observing peculiar social customs and demonstrating due consideration for all the niceties and doing it effortlessly and imperceptibly, he has demonstrated the skills he needs to successfully maintain a long-term relationship. Because what do we ask of our mates? We want them to read our moods, anticipate our needs, be there for us without crowding us and somehow know when to sublimate their desires and when to make demands.

Playing games shows that you can read another person. But just as importantly, playing games convinces that other person that you are considerate enough to make the effort to read them in the first place. This is a trait that we all want in our mates. We want to feel important, and we want to be taken care of. And successful game-playing early on proves that you regard the other person as desirable enough to want to win the game.

They are, after all, the prize.

Dan Savage is the author of “Savage Love,” an internationally syndicated sex-advice column. Savage is also the editor of The Stranger , Seattle’s weekly newspaper, and his writings have appeared on the op-ed pages of The New York Times, in Travel & Leisure, and other publications. He is the author of The Kid, Skipping Toward Gomorrah and The Commitment.

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  • Title: クセノス
  • Title (romaji): Xenos
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Suspense drama
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: TV Tokyo
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-12 to 2007-Mar-30
  • Air time: Friday 24:12-24:53
  • Theme songs:
    • Opening: Choosey Lover by Tohoshinki
    • Ending: Kokorone (心音) by Nanamusica


Ishibashi Naoto is a successful reporter who has just gotten married to his girlfriend, Saki, whom he met one month earlier. However, as Naoto begins to live a new life as a married man, strange things start to happen. Saki disappears without a trace and as Naoto begins searching for her, he finds out Saki’s identity doesn’t exist. When Naoto starts to dig deeper into the mystery, he begins to receive anonymous threats. Frustrated, Naoto meets a Yoshino Mariko, detective who thinks she might hold the answers to Naoto’s questions.


Episode Titles

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Recently watch this dorama… looks like conan… i wondering if in japan the public prosecutor can investigate like that.. hehehe.. but it’s easy to watch dorama eniwei.. and it shows kimutaku and takako matsu once again after love generation.. what a good match..


250px-herodvdcover.jpg  180px-takuya_kimuras_costume_in_hero.jpg



  • Title: Hero
  • Episodes: 11
  • Viewership rating: 34.03
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2001-Jan-08 to 2001-Mar-19
  • Air time: Monday 21:00
  • Theme song: “Can You Keep a Secret?” by Utada Hikaru


Kohei Kuryu is a former juvenile delinquent who drops out of junior high and goes on to earn a high school equivalency diploma. After passing the law board exams, Kuryu becomes a prosecutor. Not your typical prosecutor, which is quickly seen through the clothes that he wears, Kuryu possesses quick instincts and a kind of cleverness that only someone raised on the streets could have.

Maiko Amamiya is a shrewd public prosecutor who has her eyes set on passing the exam to become a deputy prosecutor and tries her best to be noticed by her boss. Kuryu, on the other hand, after earning a reputation for doing top-notch work, is transferred to Amamiya’s division, and finally opens his eyes to the possibility of promotion. Unfortunately, his unprecedented work behavior abruptly brings things to a halt.

Although earning a reputation as a bad apple, the influence from Kuryu’s strong pursuit of justice slowly begins to change things around him. This drama is filled with it all; love, laughs and lots of emotion. — Fuji TV


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Young And Dangerous (1995)

Ehmm… tiba2 demen lagi sama film lama ini…. n setelah nonton lagi baru nyadar kalo ada lagu Beyond disini.. waktu Chan Ho Nam n the gang karaoke abis bunuh Ba Bai… wah2.. dengerin lagi lagu Beyond di movie bener2 membangkitkan semangat Triad.. huahahaha..


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Moment ago i watch this movie.. very interesting..  it has a very good ending too.. must watch !


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All About Anna

Don’t say about the story… just enjoy the movie.. hahaha :))

Quote from Anna :

“A friend once said that every woman needs three men

One for adventure and fun, one for stimulating conversation,

and one for good sex.”

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Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Even though i’ve already watch this in 2002, but while i opened up my dvd box, i found this again.. tickling me to watch it again because this is some of good movie…
Remembering me of some credit card fraud while ago in Indonesia..  maybe someday the case can be filmed… hehehe..

This is some news for biggest Indonesia credit card’s fraud while ago


Minggu, 10 Februari 2008 23:11 WIB
Bareskrim Polri Ungkap Pemalsuan Kartu Kredit Internasional
Reporter : Shanty

JAKARTA–MI: Sindikat pemalsuan kartu kredit internasional dari bank-bank besar dunia, ditangkap Bareskrim Polri di Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. Seorang anggotanya berinisial E, ditangkap dengan barang bukri 4500 kartu kredit palsu dari 31 negara dan 80 kartu tanda penduduk (KTP) palsu.

Selain menyita kartu kredit palsu itu, Bareskrim Polri juga menyita beberapa mesin dan peralatan untuk memalsukan kartu kredit itu. Dari pengakuan E, mereka telah memproduksi lebih dari 10.000 kartu kredit palsu selama dua tahun terakhir.

Seorang penyidik menyebutkan, jaringan kartu kredit ini diduga telah merugikan miliaran rupiah sebanyak 31 bank internasional. Selain menyita kartu kredit palsu, mereka juga menyimpan sabu dan clendestine.

Dikatakan oleh polisi yang enggan disebutkan namanya ini kepada Media Indonesia, Minggu (10/2), penangkapan berdasarkan hasil pengembangan tersangka pemilik 417.000 ekstasi di Kelapa Gading. Atas dasar keterangan tersangka, dilakukan pengembangan dan penyidikan.

“Namun, bukan narkoba yang didapat dari sindikat narkoba ini, malah mereka juga sindikat kartu kredit palsu yang dipimpin oleh seorang warga negara Malaysia berinisial S,” ujar penyidik itu.

Sementara itu, Direktur Reserse Bareskrim Pori Indradi Tanos dan Polisi Diraja Malaysia, sudah berkoordinasi guna meringkus S. Namun, belum jelas, apakah S sudah tertangkap di Malaysia, atau belum.

“Yang jelas, dia sudah masuk daftar pencarian orang dan red notice Interpol,” ujarnya. (San/OL-03)

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